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Expand your ability to deliver innovative design and engineering solutions. Simultaneously generate multiple CAD-ready solutions based on real-world manufacturing constraints and product performance requirements.

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Accelerate your product development process

The generative design process takes manufacturing into account early in the design stage of the development process so you can get to market faster.

Benefits of generative design for manufacturing


Minimize mass and material use while maintaining high-performance standards and engineering constraints.


Use generative design to help improve and optimize product durability and eliminate areas of weakness.


Consolidate multiple components into solid parts to maximize the potential of additive manufacturing.


Meet your sustainability goals by lightweighting, minimizing waste, and selecting more sustainable materials – all in generative design.

CAD-ready solutions with multiple manufacturing constraints

Generative design gives you the ability to select multiple manufacturing methods, from additive to 3 or 5 axis milling and more, to quickly explore numerous solutions for your design and engineering challenges. Presenting you with a range of solutions that meet your goals, the generative design software gives you the option to explore the various outcomes and even bring the solutions back into your CAD program to refine the design.

How is Autodesk generative design different?

Unlike topology optimization, Autodesk generative design provides designers and engineers with a full design exploration solution.

Explore the possibilities of generative design

See what the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has to say about the benefits of generative design.

See how customers use generative design

  • Claudius Peters

    Engineers at this machine and process plant provider use generative design to reinvent its clinker cooler, reducing materials by 25%.

  • Edera Safety

    Using generative design, adamsfour, an in-house Edera Safety brand focused on reducing spinal cord injuries, has created a new back-protection system for athletes.

  • Volkswagen Group of America

    Exploring generative design to reduce wheel weight and find a modern esthetic, VWoA also realizes significant reduction in development time.

Generative design in Fusion 360


Examine multiple design options and review tradeoffs in materials, performance, and manufacturing methods.


Produce CAD-ready editable geometry to immediately edit in Fusion 360 or export to your CAD software of choice.


Generative design geometry integrates seamlessly with Inventor, maximizing efficiency and collaboration.


See generative design in action

This is the most complex generative design ever made

Autodesk worked with NASA to create a space lander prototype that can withstand the temperatures and pressures of outer space.

Generative design and the future of manufacturing

Generative design replicates the natural world's evolutionary approach by using cloud computing to provide thousands of solutions for one engineering problem.

Generative design and Fusion 360

Started in the Autodesk labs as a skunkworks exploration, Project Dreamcatcher evolved into the commercial version of generative design.