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ICA connects virtual design with physical construction

The AEC industry will see more change in the next ten years than most of us have seen in our lifetimes, creating both threat and opportunities. See how mastery of and tight interconnection between physical things and digital systems can you can prepare.

ICA Bim, a Mexico-based construction firm, connects design and construction at various levels of scale in one continuous view of a very complex highway project.

Laser scanning helped to connect the virtual design with the physical construction site. The point cloud and the project model were used for clash detection, simulations, visualization, and supported logistics for conflict resolution and detailing.

The digital model shows how the reinforcing bars go into various pieces of concrete and then takes those instructions directly to the factory floor for precast.

Watch ICA implement these concepts in this silent video.

Construction in the Era of Connection

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ICA connects virtual design with physical construction

Creating one continuous view of a very complex project, laser scanning helped ICA connect digital models to the physical site.

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