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BIM is already shaping the future of the AEC industry

1. Make better decisions using data

Using BIM, enormous amounts of data can be captured, created, and analyzed, enabling you to evaluate alternatives in a real world context. Insight early in the design phase supports “best possible” as opposed to “best practical” performance of completed projects. Enabled by the cloud and mobility and generative design, virtual and augmented reality technologies, software is becoming an advisor in the design and engineering process, optimizing designs and aiding teams in making informed decisions before breaking ground in a fraction of the time.

See how the architects at China Architecture Design Group used computational design to design the Samuel Chao Chung Ting Science Museum in Shandong Province.

2. Digitize everything

Integrate design to fabrication to the construction process more seamlessly. Extend digitalization to the construction site, with sensors, drones, intelligent machines and mobile devices enabled by a BIM-connected cloud platform. Seamless integration of the design-build processes translates intent to execution, further saving time and money.

To see the future of construction in action, please click here.

3. Use data throughout the project lifecycle

Huge amounts of data are now available and connected technology helps to make the data useful across the lifecycle of the project. Learn from operational data gathered across the life cycle for continuous improvement of decision making. Gather data through sensors and connected devices (IoT) to inform maintenance decisions, more efficient and adaptive operations, and future design or process improvements.

See how WeWork benefits from access to building data through BIM throughout all stages of the building lifecycle.

4. Anywhere, anytime access for the whole team

Put the project in the center from the start. Stay up to date in the office and on the project job site, using the cloud, connected data and systems to unlock capabilities to share and collaborate across the lifecycle in real time without barriers. And as joint ventures become more prevalent in the industry, Autodesk helps connect teams whether they are on different city blocks or in different cities.

Now is the time to embrace BIM. The choice has never been clearer: adapt to these changes, improve predictability, efficiency, quality and drive innovation, or remain in the past while your competitors forge ahead.

Why BIM will shape the future of work in the AEC industry

Connected BIM will harness the power of the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things to design better, build faster and with more accuracy, and manage operations with greater precision.

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