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Buy vs. Rent: Use Subscription Software Services to Lower Upfront Costs

As the owner of a very small business, you know that every dollar counts. You save money anywhere you can, while taking care not to cut corners or limit the services you can offer. To keep your company growing and sharpen your competitive edge, you need the most up-to-date and innovative software. Buying licenses is expensive, but there’s another way: renting. Small business subscription software services are growing in popularity and can help you lower upfront costs and bring in new projects. What other benefits does renting software have over buying it? And what do you need to keep in mind when it’s time to decide what to invest in software? This infographic shows you what you need to know.

Buyvs. Rent


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Buy or rent

Every dollar counts when you own a small business. Have you considered renting software licenses? This infographic weighs the benefits, like lowering upfront costs, bringing in new projects, and many others.

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