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You’re more BIM-ready than you think. Here’s why.

The reality is, you’re already halfway there! The processes you already use to create and design are BIM-ready, and so are you. But if you’re not convinced, this Line/Shape/Space article details five good reasons why you’re already prepared to implement BIM into your working processes.

1. Your thought process is already building-aware

When you draw a wall, you know it’s a wall. When you draw a door, you intend for it to act like a door. BIM understands those intentions, and that allows you to accurately understand how they’ll work in your design.  

2. BIM will improve coordination

Visualizing your work during the design process is incredibly helpful. Sections and elevations instantly reflect changes in other views, and you can see the changes instantly. In the Line/Shape/Space article, the author recounts a project for which she was adding dunnage framing to a roof. When she checked her work in 3D, she disovered an extra level of steel interfering with her posts that wasn’t visible in the original plan. Without BIM, she may not have uncovered this until she got into the field.

3. BIM automates tedious details

Nobody wants to spend their time making a tiny change over and over again. Change a detail, like a number or annotation, just once and it will automatically update every reference.

4. Your clients are demanding BIM

Clients are increasingly demanding 3D models as BIM becomes the industry standard. Use it for documentation and for visualizations from right from the model.

5. BIM is worth the investment

Yes, transitioning to BIM does take an investment of time and money. At first, modeling will take a little more time, but soon you’ll get the hang of it and start realizing the greater efficiencies of working in BIM.  Newer software „rental“ models also make the investment affordable and flexible—you can pay by month so you can scale up and down as project needs change.

Read the article now about 5 reasons why you’re BIM ready.

5 Reasons Why You’re BIM Ready

You’re more BIM-ready than you think. But if you’re not convinced, this article details five good reasons why you’re already prepared to implement BIM into your working processes.

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