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Build on data for
smart cities

Through real-world context, cities can predict and prioritize how to best adapt to challenges and optimize city management to build smarter cities that meet tomorrow’s needs.

Explore this page to see how data that is accessible, usable and relevant is making cities smarter, and understand the opportunities for the AEC Industry.

3 approaches to smart cities

What is smart city?

A smart city is a concept that uses technology to improve governance, planning, management, and livability of a city by gathering real-world, real-time data.

By 2020, experts predict trillions of gigabytes of data will be generated daily, making data the new dollar. Data provides insights which can help cities become smarter by helping predict where, when and how city assets might behave, as well as plan for growth, maintenance and infrastructure development. By creating and using data-rich, digital city models, cities can design and build in the context of what exists to better understand and test future projects before they are built.

With these insights, smart cities can perform better to meet citizens demands.

How India is constructing a smart city megaproject

India's urban population increased by 1358% from 1901 to 2011. This exponential growth requires more than just bigger cities – it needs smarter cities.

Read the Slideshare to see how Autodesk solutions are helping India in accommodating this growth by building a smart city twice the size of Delhi.

Medellín – a municipal Cinderella story

Image courtesy of Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano.

Data and technology will fuel the megacities of 2050

How population growth will impact aec professionals

How Esri and Autodesk are building smart infrastructure together

By combining spatial intelligence and building information modeling, Esri and Autodesk provide businesses like yours with the tools to optimize planning, design, build, and operations. 

Start building smarter cities

Discover the tools that enable the easy aggregation of 2D, 3D, reality capture and GIS data in a 3D contextual model, making smarter, more digital Cities an option for cities of all sizes.

Plan, design and construct Smart Cities with the AEC Collection.