Autodesk ReCap Pro: Turn the physical into digital

Reality capture and 3D scanning software

Why use ReCap Pro?

Reduce errors and build with confidence

Gain critical insights that help you make better decisions.

Work with rich and accurate digital models

Capture existing conditions throughout the full project lifecycle.

Support for BIM processes

Streamline workflows by integrating with design tools.

What you can do with ReCap Pro

3D model rendering of statue in courtyard using ReCap Pro
Rendering of 3D model in ReCap Pro

Generate 3D models of real-world objects and environments

Use laser scans and photographs to generate accurate intelligent models that support a wide range of use cases in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Rail project visualization
Rail project visualization in ReCap Pro

Visualize and interact with point clouds and meshes

Aggregate different types of laser scans and use automated extraction tools in the cloud to help define existing conditions when performing detailed design.

Road project with annotations in ReCap Pro
Collaborate on projects in real-time

Share reality capture data and collaborate across teams

Improve efficiencies by managing and sharing reality capture data anytime, anywhere with the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Point cloud of land development site including buildings and open land.


See what’s new webinar

Discover the latest capabilities to improve your reality capture workflows.


Rendering of a futuristic city with bridge, air traffic control tower, bullet train, freeways, and construction site


See what’s new in ReCap Pro

See how you can streamline your reality capture workflows.


Point cloud of aerial view including buildings, road, trees, cars and parking lot.


What’s next for ReCap Pro

See what’s new in the product development pipeline with a live look at the Civil Infrastructure public roadmap.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Autodesk ReCap Pro used for?

Autodesk ReCap Pro is used to create 3D models for real-world building and infrastructure projects.

Who uses Autodesk ReCap Pro?

Autodesk ReCap Pro is used by professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

How do I gather site data to import in ReCap Pro?

Gather detailed data using LIDAR or photogrammetry technology. A camera mounted to a drone or laser scanner can scan the site in hours.

What is the difference between ReCap and ReCap Pro?

Autodesk ReCap Standard is the free version of the Autodesk ReCap Pro desktop application. Read more about differences here (US Site).

Which versions of ReCap Pro can I use if I subscribe to the current version?

Your Autodesk ReCap Pro subscription gives you access to install and use the 3 previous versions. Available downloads are listed in your Autodesk Account after subscribing. See also previous releases available for subscribers.

Can I install ReCap Pro on multiple computers?

With a subscription to ReCap Pro software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. Please refer to the Software License Agreement (US Site) for more information.

How do I convert my ReCap Pro free trial to a paid subscription?

Launch your trial software and click Subscribe Now on the trial screen or buy ReCap Pro here. When buying your subscription, enter the same email address and password combination you used to sign in to your trial. Learn more about converting a trial to a paid subscription.

How much does a Autodesk ReCap Pro subscription cost?

The price of an annual ReCap Pro subscription is and the price of a monthly ReCap Pro subscription is . The price of a 3-year ReCap Pro subscription is

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Save when you buy ReCap Pro bundled in a collection

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Utilize ReCap Pro with Autodesk design tools like Civil 3D, Revit, and InfraWorks to transform existing conditions of your projects into real-world digital representations.