Automated transformation of design text ROM diagram into SysML models

Wei Wan, Hyunmin Cheong, Wei Li, Yong Zeng, Francesco Iorio

Advanced Engineering Informatics


This paper proposes an approach to generating System Modeling Language (SysML) diagrams from a Recursive Object Model (ROM) diagram. The ROM diagram represents entities (or concepts) and three kinds of relations between these entities found in a description text. The generated SysML models include block definition diagram, use case diagram, and activity diagram. Since the SysML is becoming a standard modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing and verifying complex design in many industry sectors, this transformation process supports knowledge representations of design documents for next generation CAD systems. The proposed approach first analyzes the features of ROM and SysML diagrams and then defines transition rules that transform a ROM diagram into SysML models. A software prototype ROM2SysML is developed based on the proposed approach and two examples are used to demonstrate how the prototype works.


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