NanoStylus: Enhancing Input on Ultra-Small Displays with a Finger-Mounted Stylus

ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology

NanoStylus: Enhancing Input on Ultra-Small Displays with a Finger-Mounted Stylus (3:34 min.)


Due to their limited input area, ultra-small devices, such as smartwatches, are even more prone to occlusion or the fat finger problem, than their larger counterparts, such as smart phones, tablets, and tabletop displays. We present NanoStylus – a finger-mounted fine-tip stylus that enables fast and accurate pointing on a smartwatch with almost no occlusion. The NanoStylus is built from the circuitry of an active capacitive stylus, and mounted within a custom 3D-printed thimble-shaped housing unit. A sensor strip is mounted on each side of the device to enable additional gestures. A user study shows that NanoStylus reduces error rate by 80%, compared to traditional touch interaction and by 45%, compared to a traditional stylus. This high precision pointing capability, coupled with the implemented gesture sensing, gives us the opportunity to explore a rich set of interactive applications on a smartwatch form factor.

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