Interaction Techniques for 3D Modeling on Large Displays

Tovi Grossman, Ravin Balakrishnan, Gord Kurtenbach, George Fitzmaurice, Azam Khan, Bill Buxton

ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics


We present an alternate interface for 3D modeling for use on large scale displays. The interface integrates several concepts specifically selected and enhanced for large scale interaction. These include 2D construction planes spatially integrated in a 3D volume, enhanced orthographic views, smooth transitions between 2D and 3D views, tape drawing as the primary curve and line creation technique, visual viewpoint markers, and continuous twohanded interaction.

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    3D freeform design is one of the most challenging tasks to support in a software application. Even the conceptually simplest 3D forms can be difficult to produce with existing applications. We have been exploring alternative input devices and new interaction paradigms to better support the initial design process of 3D design, from large display systems to pure-inference sketching interfaces.

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