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Dive In! Enabling Progressive Loading for Real-Time Navigation of Data Visualizations

Michael Glueck, Azam Khan, Daniel Wigdor

ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Dive In! Enabling Progressive Loading for Real-Time Navigation of Data Visualizations (5:20 min.)

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We introduce Splash, a framework reducing development overhead for both data curators and visualization developers of client-server visualization systems. Splash streamlines the process of creating a multiple level-of-detail version of the data and facilitates progressive data download, thereby enabling real-time, on-demand navigation with existing visualization toolkits. As a result, system responsiveness is increased and the user experience is improved. We demonstrate the benefit of progressive loading for user interaction on slower networks. Additionally, case study evaluations of Splash with real-world data curators suggest that Splash supports iterative refinement of visualizations and promotes the use of exploratory data analysis.

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