Computational Brick Stacking for Constructing Free-Form Structures

Danil Nagy, John Locke, David Benjamin

Design Modeling Symposium


Our work explores new design methods and workflows that operate at the intersection of emerging biological technologies and advanced computation and engineering. In 2014 we won a competition to construct a large scale temporary installation to host a series of weekend parties. Our proposal explores the future of architecture by using innovative computational tools to test a new material system at an architectural scale. While technology plays a crucial role in the proposal, the ultimate goal is to show how innovation in materials and methods can lead to a more responsive, intelligent, and sustainable architectural practice.

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  • Hy-Fi

    In 2014, we tested and refined a new low-energy biological building material, manufactured 10,000 compostable bricks, constructed a 13-meter-tall tower, hosted public cultural events for three months, disassembled the structure, composted the bricks, and returned the resulting soil to local community gardens. This successful experiment offers many possibilities for future construction.

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