Cinematic Meeting Facilities Using Large Displays

George Fitzmaurice, Azam Khan, Gord Kurtenbach, Graham Binks

IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications


We have investigated large-display technology for corporate meeting facilities. At our corporate headquarters in Toronto, we have designed and built the Alias Visualization Studio (the VizStudio), a unique meeting facility that makes use of large display technology to support digital visual communication and collaboration with corporate clients, future customers, employees, and corporate partners. We have discovered that using large displays in this type of facility produces its own unique set of challenges and solutions. Early in the conceptual design phase for the VizStudio we realized we were more broadly designing a user experience. Aligned with the premise from Pine and Gilmore’s book, The Experience Economy, our design approach was to consider a visitors’ total experience, including arrival and initial impression, work requirements, all day meeting needs, overall comfort, social needs, departure feelings, and so on. Moreover in Computers as Theatre, Laurel proposes a theater metaphor for designing interactions with digital information. Combining this metaphor with the experience approach and large-display technology has yielded a facility with many cinematic and theatrical characteristics. In this article, we highlight the subtle but important interplay between large-display technologies, interior design, and social and corporate dynamics.

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