BIM-based Building Performance Monitor

Ramtin Attar, Ebenezer Hailemariam, Michael Glueck, Alex Tessier, James McCrae, Azam Khan

Invited Video
Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design

BIM-based Building Performance Monitor (3:24 min.)


This video presents a set of visualization techniques for displaying real-time building behavior and usage, for the purposes of energy minimization, in the context of a semantically-rich building information model. Ambient occlusion shading is used to visualize the 3D space of the building, over which other visualizations may be layered. Specifically, occupancy, power usage, heat sources, air flow, and temperature are presented, as well as aggregated data sets such as “activity”.

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  • Project Dasher

    Project Dasher is an Autodesk research project using a BIM-based platform to provide building owners with greater insight into real-time building performance throughout the life-cycle of the building.

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