Big Data and the Built Environment

Azam Khan, Kasper Hornbaek

Research in the Large: Using App Stores, Wide Distribution Channels & Big Data in UbiComp Research


As sensor networks in buildings continue to grow in number and heterogeneity, occupants can become empowered to better control their environment for comfort maximization and energy minimization. Since buildings are the primary consumers of energy and are the dominant cause of greenhouse gases, apps that help occupants to understand and control their interactions with a building could be extremely beneficial to society. However, the massive raw data sets that could be collected must be aggregated and visualized to be usable which presents significant data handling, information visualization, and interaction challenges. In the context of Project Dasher, a prototype building site for exploring these issues, we discuss lessons learned and challenges ahead to develop ubiquitous computing support for sustainability.

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    Project Dasher is an Autodesk research project using a BIM-based platform to provide building owners with greater insight into real-time building performance throughout the life-cycle of the building.

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  • Digital 210 King

    We are creating a high-quality Building Information Model of our offices in Toronto. Our goal is to make our building into a living laboratory for energy modeling, simulation, validation, and ultimately, for sustainability.

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