AuthAR: Concurrent Authoring of Tutorials for AR Assembly Guidance

Graphics Interface Conference

AuthAR: Concurrent Authoring of Tutorials for AR Assembly Guidance (video: 2:56 min.)


Augmented reality (AR) can assist with physical tasks such as object assembly through the use of situated instructions. These instructions can be in the form of videos, pictures, text, or guiding animations where the most helpful media among these is highly dependent on both the user and the nature of the task. Our work supports the authoring of AR tutorials for assembly tasks with little overhead beyond simply performing the task itself. The presented system, AuthAR reduces the time and effort required to build interactive AR tutorials by automatically generating key components of the AR tutorial while the author is assembling the physical pieces. Further, the system guides authors through the process of adding videos, pictures, text, and animations to the tutorial. This concurrent assembly and tutorial generation approach allows for authoring of portable tutorials that fit the preferences of different end users.

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