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210 King Street: A Dataset for Integrated Performance Assessment

Ramtin Attar, Michael Glueck, Venk Prabhu, Azam Khan

Invited Paper
Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design


This paper presents a Building Information Modeling (BIM) re-creation of a designated heritage building located in Toronto, Canada. By taking advantage of BIM as a centralized database, which describes both geometric and semantic aspects of a building, this model can be leveraged as a source of input for many forms of analysis. In addition to the BIM model, we present a comprehensive point cloud dataset gathered using terrestrial laser scanning technology. Based on an existing and a living building, this model is an ideal candidate for simulations that can be cross referenced with information gathered on-site.


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Project Dasher

Project Dasher is an Autodesk research project using a BIM-based platform to provide building owners with greater insight into real-time building performance throughout the life-cycle of the building.

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We are creating a high-quality Building Information Model of our offices in Toronto. Our goal is to make our building into a living laboratory for energy modeling, simulation, validation, and ultimately, for sustainability.


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