Erin Bradner

Director, Robotics

San Francisco, USA


Erin is the Director of Autodesk’s Robotics Lab in San Francisco. She and her research team are developing tools so industrial robots can intelligently make things by sensing, responding and adapting to new information in real-time. Under Erin’s leadership, Autodesk’s Robotics Lab is using artificial intelligence and closed-loop controls to teach robots new tasks in manufacturing and AEC.

Prior to leading the Robotics Lab, Erin co-founded the Generative Design practice at Autodesk – through research and thought leadership she helped incubate the technology from concept to commercialization. Erin is driven to discover how to leverage intelligent software tools for smarter building, manufacturing and design.

In her past lives, Erin consulted on the first commercial intelligent agents and cloud storage systems; and contracted at IBM, Boeing, and AT&T. Erin is a co-author on patents in advanced design and publishes in academia. She holds a PhD in Information & Computer Science.

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