Autodesk makes software for people who make things. Autodesk Research furthers this mission with explorations in several key areas.

AEC Industry Futures

We learn from industry specialists about their requirements, processes, and challenges, offering Autodesk’s technology, thought leadership and unique perspective to serve the AEC community. Our Industry Futures team gathers key insights and validates new technology with a focus on data-driven design intelligence, responses to future demands, and new approaches to make architecture, engineering and construction more efficient, scalable and collaborative.

Artificial Intelligence

The Autodesk AI Lab performs bleeding edge AI Research that can be applied to our customers' workflows & processes to make them more informed and more efficient, allowing them to maximize their creativity and to do more with less. We provide AI thought leadership and mentoring, in addition to partnering closely with other research and product teams on joint research in AI.

HCI & Visualization

We develop a fundamental understanding of how humans perceive, learn, and interact with technology, through rigorous scientific study, collaborations with leading academic institutions and research partnerships with selected lighthouse customers. Based on these understandings we develop novel interfaces and visualizations to solve current problems and explore future opportunities.

Industry Futures Moonshots

We execute a select number of strategic projects that are audacious, ground-breaking and inspiring. In partnership with industry leaders, we work to solve the world’s most important challenges by re-imagining the role of technology and the workforce, by demonstrating a sustainable future, and by developing a more coherent vision for the future and the promise of a better world.

Manufacturing Industry Futures

We combine specialists from multiple fields to focus on cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies and processes. Our research addresses nearly all major manufacturing vertical industries including automotive, aerospace, space exploration, consumer products, heavy industries and biomedical. We focus on smarter product design; faster, more adaptive manufacturing; and modeling, simulating and measuring manufacturing workflows with data-driven digital twins.

Research Engineering

Autodesk solutions rely on advanced, visual, real-time technologies including AI, simulation, optimization, graphics, and more. Our work supports our core science and industry research by creating a software platform, prototypes and experiences that move innovation quickly from the lab to our product teams and customers. We apply best-in-class software engineering technologies and practices to build the unique solutions that our researchers create.


We research the future of robotics in manufacturing, architecture, construction, and media production. Our work is squarely aligned with the Autodesk corporate strategy to automate and improve our customers' design and make processes. We accelerate growth of the most favorable technology trends in robotics, and mitigate risk of unfavorable trends, by prototyping original research.

Simulation, Optimization & Systems

Our goal is to radically increase and diversify the use of computer simulation, mathematical optimization, and systems modeling in the design and making of things. With a toolbox that includes physics solvers, sensor networks, and state-of-the-art algorithms, we build the foundations of new technology that will help designers improve both the mechanical systems people depend on and the built environments in which people live and work.


    Autodesk Research provides an open and encouraging environment for interns to participate in and contribute to research and publications.

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