Right about now you’re wondering, “What the heck is a redshift?”

Well, in space terminology, astronomers use the word redshift to measure how far away an object is traveling. When an object moves away from the Earth, it appears redshifted; the wavelength of its light is stretched into lower frequencies, which makes it look red.

What’s fascinating (and kinda scary) is the reality that the universe is continuously expanding, which means that light from most galaxies appears redshifted. And as the universe expands, so does Redshift’s editorial coverage—at the forefront of architecture, construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing technology.

But along with the new name, you’ll also note a whole new site design with a host of new features and functionality. Now, you can:

  • Follow your favorite topics and authors
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  • Bookmark articles to read later

Learn how to use the new features, and click through the site to see the changes we’ve made to images, videos, layouts, and more.

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