As author Joseph Wood Krutch once said, “Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.”

That’s a point not lost on Redshift readers, who gravitated this past year toward articles that illustrate just how key of a role technology will play in how humans design and make things—a world in which generative design, augmented reality, and BIM work hand-in-hand with technologically adept workers to create green, connected buildings that leave the lightest of footprints and serve the biggest needs. Yet while the future of making things struck a chord with readers, Frank Lloyd Wright’s appearance on this list serves as a reminder that innovative design never goes out of style.

Here are the top 10 most popular articles Redshift published in 2017:

1. The Real Life of a Precision Machinist: Swissomation’s Christian Welch Talks Tiny

Get the real story on how precision machinist Christian Welch and his company, Swissomation, turn out the tiniest parts for mobile phones and more.

2. SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competitions Prove Student Engineers Have the Right Stuff

For the second installment of SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition, student teams designed, built, and raced pods in a battle to deliver on Elon Musk’s need for speed.

3. Respect: 3 Reasons Frank Lloyd Wright Designs Endure 150 Years After His Birth

Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs are iconic, but his legacy lives on through his radical design ethos: forward-thinking, sustainable, and modern.

4. It’s the End of BIM As You Know It—Are You Ready for Connected BIM?

BIM is already used in construction worldwide, but what will happen when it teams up with the cloud and IoT? Connected BIM is the next frontier.

5. Augmented Reality in Construction Lets You See Through Walls

The future is (almost) here with augmented reality in construction—helmets that act like X-ray specs and bring BIM models alive on-site.

6. 4 International Airport Designs That Will Make Future Travel Better

From radical renovations to conserving rare dolphins, outdated airports are getting major facelifts globally—improving both design and usability.

7. 5 Industry-Changing Design and Technology Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

Virtual reality, machine learning, smarter robots, and generative design: Here are five design and technology predictions that will impact the future.

8. What Is Machine Learning? It’s a Path to Limitless Human Creativity

Machine learning is not a harbinger of robot overlords. It’s a gateway to human-machine symbiosis that could yield unknown creative freedoms.

9. A Look Back at 7 Real-World Examples of Climate-Change Action for Earth Day 2017

In celebration of Earth Day 2017, here are seven stories about climate-change solutions—because the people have to do something if governments won’t.

10. Grasping the Future of Machine Learning and Cloud Robotics With Ken Goldberg

Meet Ken Goldberg, the UC Berkeley engineering professor whose machine-learning research is laying the groundwork for a new era of intelligent robots.

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