It’s not big news that solar energy is good for the planet. Unless you’ve been hibernating in a cave for the last 10 years, you already know about some of the benefits. But with the decreasing cost of solar installations and available rebates and tax credits, investing in solar is now better than ever for your bank account.

And it’s not just a cost saver for your home: It’s also beneficial for your small business. As SmartMoney reported last year, solar installations aren’t just for the Wal-Marts and Googles of the world. Small businesses are taking in some rays now, too.

Cost aside, people with good intentions want to do their part to make the Earth a better place for generations to come by reducing harmful emissions and producing clean energy.

Maybe you’re the kind of person to linger in front of compost, recycling, and trash bins, trying to decide where to throw your paper plate. And maybe you would love to step up your green game and contribute to the better good by installing solar for your home or business. But then you change your tune when you see the installation estimate with four zeros attached, and you’re back to wavering in front of the compost bin.

Guess what? The value of solar is now outgrowing the cost. To see just how much, check out our “Superpowers of Solar Energy” infographic below to learn what you can do to save the environment—and your wallet—by going solar. And then read more about one solar company’s real-world “Triumphs and Challenges of Solar-Energy Installation.”

Are you considering a solar-panel installation? What’s holding you back?


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