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by Kylee Swenson
- May 20 2013 - 2 min read
Micke Tong

Over the last couple months, we’ve dedicated Line//Shape//Space to helping small businesses in the design and drafting space. In that time, we’ve learned about the things that keep you up at night: Owning or working for a small firm can be very rewarding, but there are also plenty of challenges.

Cases in point: You need to find new clients and bring in new work while managing expectations with current clients. You have to balance budgets and sometimes deal with razor-thin profit margins. You want to spend more time doing work you love and less time managing your business or doing jobs that aren’t fulfilling. You need to learn new tools to stay relevant in your industry while still meeting project deadlines. The list goes on.

Today, we’re proud to reveal that Line//Shape//Space has settled into a more fully formed design. Instead of one of those ever-scrolling blogs that goes on for oblivion, you’ll now see a mosaic-tile layout to help you quickly identify the articles you’re most interested in reading.

We have also built a stable of talented contributors who live, eat, and breathe the world of designing and drafting. And we’ve interviewed small-business experts for their valuable guidance, too. Here’s a sampling of posts to give you an idea of what we’ve offered so far.

• Reality Check: 4 Best Practices to Start and Stay in Business—Financial advisor Kathryn Amenta gives a tough-love Small Business 101 course on keeping your ship afloat.

• Flatten, Extend, Filter: 5 CAD Tips for Everyday Needs—If you’re always looking for new Autodesk software tips, don’t miss this article, the first in our best-of tips and tricks series.

• Better, Faster, Stronger: Benefits of BIM [Infographic]—Are you nervous about making a transition to BIM? This infographic lays out the benefits and dispels the myths.

• From the Eyes of an IT Director: 3 Reasons to Keep Your Business Floating in the Cloud—Does it make sense to use the cloud for your business? Allow this CAD-based IT Director help you make the call.

• Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy: How One Small Architecture Firm Rose to the Challenge—Read this inspiring story about a team of four in New Jersey that tackled the aftermath of a massively destructive superstorm and helped rebuild people’s lives in the process.

• Social Media: 5 Tips to Market Your Business Right—Just because you’re great at what you do doesn’t mean you couldn’t improve your marketing skills. This starter guide has helpful tips for spreading the word about your business and engaging potential customers through social media.

Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, solar-panel or HVAC installer, electrician, contractor, building engineer, civil engineer, product designer, or other professional creator, our aim is to help you run your business better. We hope your customers (existing and potential) will also find useful content on Line//Shape//Space, as well, such as these HVAC-maintenance and landscape architecture infographics.

That’s just a start. If these kinds of articles appeal to you, please have a look around our site for more and tell us what we’re missing by leaving a comment below or contacting us. What can we do to help make your small-business experience a little brighter?

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