Product Distribution Strategy: Make Your Million-Dollar Idea, Part 3 [Infographic]

by Heather Miller
- Aug 8 2014 - 1 min read

Taking a product idea from concept to market is a major feat, especially for those designers on the entrepreneurial route for the first time.

Are you in the throes of launching your product or maybe just thinking about taking the plunge? Then check out the third and final installment of the Make Your Million-Dollar Idea infographic series!

Here we’ll explore your inventory and product distribution strategy (it costs how much to store it?!), how to build customer relationships, and stirring up the right marketing mix. Sneak peek on the marketing front: word-of-mouth still rules.

If you’re just joining us for this step-by-step product adventure guide, be sure to check out Part 1 to evaluate your design idea, determine market opportunities, and create the first prototype. And don’t miss Part 2 for six key steps to source and manufacture your product design–from choosing the right vendor and materials to determining how long exports really take.

Now, go launch that million-dollar idea!


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