10 Minutes a Day: 4 Tips for Marketing Your Business With Social Media

by Marielle Covington
- Mar 27 2013 - 2 min read

Whether you’re a social-media pro or a novice just learning the basics, there are few everyday tactics that you can use to keep your eye on the ball and business rolling in the door.

1. Scan your social-media monitoring reports or tools for business mentions. Who doesn’t love to get feedback about their business? Interest from existing and potential customers is something you should be on the lookout for to help your business. Whether you’ve set up Google Alerts or Social Mention reports, or you have a customized dashboard within HootSuite, make sure that you reflect on the activities that have transpired around the social-media channels you’ve prioritized.

Don’t forget that social media is about engagement with a community of people (who are often your customers). If someone takes the time to write you a Facebook message or Tweet to you, it is in your best interest as a business to respond.

marketing your business

Not sure about which tools to use to monitor your social-media activity? Check out this great overview of 20 free social-media monitoring solutions.

2. Prioritize your action items for the day. While inbound inquiries are nice, it’s important to build a conversation around your business. Create a couple key social-media goals that you can align with your marketing efforts. Review those goals and whether or not your social-media activities are measuring up. If you are unsure how to go about identifying your goals, check out this recent post called 5 Tips to Market Your Business Right. If you’ve gone as far as creating a content calendar for your social-media activities, this is the time when you refer to the calendar for your priorities.

3. It’s time to take action on #1 and #2. Once you have identified which individual posts/comments need attention and what you have planned in your content calendar, it’s time to take action. While this may seem like an elementary step, it helps to minimize your time investment in social media by making your activities part of your daily program.

marketing your business

4. Don’t forget to get inspired. Social-media channels are a great place to become inspired. Whether it’s looking at color swatches on Pinterest, watching tutorials on YouTube, or reading a recent article that a connection recently posted to their LinkedIn profile, great content is all around you. Be sure to take a few minutes every day to scan the social web—you’ll be pleasantly surprised where inspiration can come from. And as an added bonus, while searching the social web for inspiration, you will likely find new people/businesses with which to follow and connect.

Do you have more time to invest and want to take your social-media activities to the next level? Check out this infographic detailing how to rock Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram all in 30 minutes a day.

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