Where does the time go? We started the Autodesk small-business blog for designers, drafters, and animators back on February 27, 2013. And here we are at post number 100.

Every day, we rack our brains to think of ways to help small-business designers and drafters alleviate their work-related insomnia. What can we do to help?

So far, we know that money is tight, and time is of the essence for people working at small firms. And the software small-business designers use is just one component of running their businesses.

Therefore, we’ve aimed to cover a wide range of topics, such as managing your daily operations, collaborating with clients, overseeing company finances, marketing your work, learning software tips and tricks, and discovering stories from other small businesses about their successes and challenges.

We’re also looking to cover as many design industries as we serve at Autodesk: architecture, engineering, and construction; manufacturing and product design; energy, natural resources, and infrastructure; and animation.

We’re expanding every day, but we may be missing topics or questions that keep you staring at the cobwebs on your ceiling at 2 in the morning. (Another problem in itself: Who has time to keep up with the cobwebs?) So please tell us: What’s on your mind?

One LSS reader recently told us what’s bothering him in a comment on Designers and Drafters: What Keeps You Up at Night? “What keeps me up at night? Worrying that I won’t get enough work done to satisfy bosses who have no idea how much time it actually takes to do what I need to do,” he says. Read the rest of his comment here, and stay tuned for an article addressing his concerns in December.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next 100!

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