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Welcome to Autodesk’s Redshift. Why Redshift? Well, in space terminology, astronomers use the word redshift to measure how far away an object is traveling. When an object moves away from the Earth, it appears redshifted; the wavelength of its light is stretched into lower frequencies, which makes it look red.

What’s fascinating (and kinda scary) is the reality that the universe is continuously expanding, which means that light from most galaxies appears redshifted. And as the universe expands, so does the Redshift editorial team’s aim to move with it—at the forefront of architecture, construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing technology. We want to help designers and engineers design a better and more sustainable world for future generations.

At Redshift, we explore the future of making: how products, buildings, and cities will be built tomorrow—and even 100 years from now. With technological advancements in machine learning, generative design, and robotics, the very nature of design is shifting. Designers, engineers, builders, and makers are no longer confined to traditional ideas of design and engineering. The landscape has redshifted.

So what does the future hold? Keep coming back to find out. Meanwhile, subscribe to our newsletter; contact us; or connect via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Redshift is supported by Autodesk, creator of software tools with the power to make anything.

Redshift Staff

  • Editorial Director
    Dusty DiMercurio
  • Editor in Chief
    Kylee Swenson
  • Managing Editor
    Erin Hanson
  • Video Executive Producer
    Shveta Berry
  • Cinematographer & Editor
    Andy Westhoff
  • Redshift Japan Editor
    Yasuo Matsunaka
  • Social Media & Marketing Director
    Blake Menezes
  • Marketing Manager
    Ally Greer
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
    Mary Lesperance
  • Social Media Manager
    Ateken Abla
  • Production Editor & Proofreader
    Lori Kennedy
  • AEC Freelance Editor
    Sarah Jones
  • Manufacturing Freelance Editor
    Markkus Rovito
  • Freelance Art Director
    Earl Otsuka
  • Freelance Editor
    Katje Richstatter
  • Freelance Editor
    Mark Smith
  • Freelance Designer
    Micke Tong



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