Not everything that happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas. For designers and drafters running small businesses, there will be plenty to take back home after this year’s Autodesk University (AU) conference at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

For the event—running December 3, 4, and 5—Line//Shape//Space (LSS) has developed a handful of classes just for small businesses. Taught by expert contributors from LSS, the sessions will deliver valuable tips to help you expand your business. Topics include finance, project proposals and presentations, promoting your firm’s BIM work, taking CAD beyond the desktop, building and maintaining client relationships, and transitioning to BIM.

Classes are filling up quickly, so register for AU now, and sign up for these small-business sessions presented by Line//Shape//Space.

1. Survive and Thrive: Best Financial Practices to Start and Stay in Business
Led by seasoned finance expert and LSS contributor, Kathryn Amenta (read her excellent advice here and here), this class will help you understand the right path to start a small business, save time and energy while running your business more efficiently, avoid the pitfalls of failing businesses, and improve your company’s bottom line. This session is a game-changer for the financial outlook of your business. (Don’t forget to take notes.)

2. Communication Tips for Building and Maintaining Client Relationships
LSS writer Curt Moreno, aka Kung Fu Drafter, will be on hand to help you improve your client relationships. By the end of the discussion, you will have the tools to form and maintain lasting relationships with clients, improve areas of communication, address issues with dissatisfied clients, and transform “problem” clients into advocates. Don’t miss this if you want to build your client list and keep new work rolling in.

3. Stepping Up to Stand Out: How to Deliver Presentations That Win Projects
Also led by longtime CAD expert Curt Moreno, this session will reveal the do’s and don’ts of delivering presentations to prospective clients. You’ll learn best practices for researching, preparing, and giving presentations for project proposals; discover cool new methods and tricks you won’t see used in standard PowerPoint presentations; and uncover the five things you should never do before, during, or after a presentation.

4. Expanding AutoCAD Beyond the Desktop to Empower Your Small Business
Did you know that with a smartphone or tablet, you can collaborate on AutoCAD designs onsite or in the field? Regular LSS contributor and CAD training expert Shaun Bryant will lead this discussion about the benefits of leaping into the cloud with AutoCAD 360. Bryant will show you best practices, workarounds, shortcuts, limitations, and advantages and how the technology is revolutionizing AutoCAD in the workplace.

5. Beyond the Software: Transitioning Your Small Business to BIM
Structural engineer Kate Morrical, aka BIM Muse, speaks both CAD and BIM, and she understands the growing pains of making the transition. Also a contributor to LSS with a recent series on Revit Dimensions, Morrical will explain how implementing BIM can provide a competitive advantage while keeping commitments and budgets intact. She will also identify flexible training and support options  and outline a step-by-step plan for making the transition to a 3D workflow.

6. How to Promote Your BIM Work to Drive New Business
The topic of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is on fire, and LSS contributor and BIM blogger Jeff Yoders will stoke the flames to help you promote your firm’s best BIM work. In this class, you’ll learn useful tips for BIM blogging and social-media sharing, get to know basic blogging tools, and discover how to connect to the BIM blogger community to promote your projects. Sign up before it sells out.

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