Twitter has far surpassed the realm of celebrity and entertainment. It now stands as one of the easiest and most straightforward small-business marketing tools around. By sharing information in 140 characters or less, companies can connect with consumers in seconds at no extra cost.

Twitter has become so ubiquitous and important that many businesses have developed full-fledged social media teams with paid employees who create company strategies focused entirely on micro-blogging and tweeting. For those who cannot afford that kind of investment, there are still fast and effective ways to get a message out there. Keep reading to find the top 10 things to tweet about even when you’re on a tight schedule:

1. Upcoming Events.
 Is there an event coming up that involves your small business? Tweet about it! Twitter connects small-business owners with their clients instantly, so if you have an event to promote—such as a conference your business will be attending or a promotion of your services or products—let the world know and shout it out.

Just be sure to include specifics such as dates and times, so customers know where and when to show up.

2. Articles and Links.
 Even when you don’t have much time, show customers that you’re engaged with your industry by sharing articles and links. According to Inc. Magazine, this is a great way to connect with customers and let them know you’re up to date on the latest small-business trends.

If you run a small architecture firm, link to articles about architectural competitions or exhibitions at local museums. If something interests you, it will likely interest some of your customers, so go ahead and share.

3. Staff Updates.
 It’s always nice to know who’s running a business and to be able to put faces to names. If you have a Halloween party where everyone in the company dresses in costume, tweet the picture. This humanizes a company, making customers feel they personally know your brand.

4. Responses to Customers.
 When you receive a large influx of questions or comments, whether positive or negative, head to Twitter to let customers know you’re listening. Even something as simple as thanking tweeters for their feedback will suffice in a pinch.

things to tweet

5. Blog or Website Info.
 Every time you put up a new blog post, revamp a website or have an article published, let the world know. There’s no easier way to promote your brand and accomplishments than to take to Twitter, where this information can be re-tweeted, added as a favorite post, and shared countless times across the globe.

6. Entertainment. 
There’s a reason why comedians, musicians, and actors have so many followers on Twitter, and it’s largely because they’re entertaining. If someone sends you a funny video, even if it’s unrelated to your business, feel free to tweet about it. This brings character to the business and helps get you more followers. You’ll be known as the hard-working company with a sense of humor.

7. Charity Drives. 
If you’re passionate about a cause, and your company is raising money for an event, share it with the public. You may be able to raise more money for the cause and will definitely bring some personality to your brand. People will be happy to see you care about more than just the bottom dollar.

8. Ask Questions.
 People love to be asked what they think, and Twitter is the perfect forum for them to respond. Ask questions about one of your designs or plans, or post an article and ask for your followers’ opinions. It may just spark a lively conversation and keep your clients engaged.

9. Changing Hours. 
If you’re going to be closing early for a holiday weekend, let your client base know with a simple message on Twitter. It’s amazing how consistent communication, no matter how trivial the conversation is, can help build client relationships.

10. Go Ahead and Brag a Little.
 Winning an award in your field is a big deal, and your followers will definitely want to know about it. Tweet about industry recognition, prizes you may have won, or even when you get to 1,000 Twitter followers. It’s up to you, so have fun and don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back.

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