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Composite layup tools for manufacturing

TruPlan helps you simulate multiple manufacturing scenarios to find the best composite layup process to fabricate your part.

Composite design

  • Create composite designs

    Design composite layups, sequences, and plies at any orientation. (video: 4:12 min.)

  • Composite material library

    Quickly see where wrinkles are likely to appear.

  • AnyCAD import

    Import CAD data from any source, including data from existing composite designs. (video: 1:24 min.)

  • Thickness updates

    Create design-based, intermediate surfaces automatically from the tooling surface.

Composite planning

  • Feasibility of fabrication

    Verify the feasibility of a part before costly work.

  • Compare manufacturing variables

    Test multiple solver variables at one time.

  • Estimate cost impact

    Evaluate the cost impact of fabrication methods.

  • Automatic updates

    Models update automatically whenever information has been changed. (video: 1:05 min.)

  • Strategy table

    Use the strategy table to mass edit, update, and visualize composite properties.

Composite analysis

  • Visualize steering

    Visualize the composite steering radius.

  • Wrinkle analysis

    Quickly see where wrinkles are likely to appear.

  • Angle of deviation analysis

    View the deviation angle for fiber placement.

  • Composite analysis solvers

    Use what-if simulation tools for your composite analysis.

  • Calculate convergence

    Minimize tape overlaps.

  • Calculate compaction

    Find an ideal fiber compaction for your composite part.

  • Gap analysis

    See where gaps are likely to appear in the composite.

Composite fabrication

  • New | Flat pattern editing

    Quickly edit flat patterns using the Inventor sketch environment, and manually add flat patterns directly to a ply.

  • Nesting export

    Export flat patterns for nesting, kitting, and cutting.

  • Laser projection export

    Export 3D or 2D composite geometry for high-quality and repeatable layup.

  • Composite draping

    Create 2D flat patterns from 3D geometry and simulate drapability.