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Cutting and nesting optimizers

TruNest software improves machine throughput and functionality. Optimize machining, tool cycles, and more for various cutting and nesting techniques.


  • Works with FiberSIM and CPD

    TruNest Composites

    Import FiberSIM and CPD native data with 2 clicks.

  • Flat ply splitting


    Optimum organization of composite plies.
    (video: 1:16 min.)

  • Skeleton cutting/auto destruct cycle

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool

    Manage scrap materials by skeleton cutting.

  • Automatic tabbing

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool

    Tabs hold parts in place during cutting.

  • Head-down logic for pierce reduction

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool

    Reduce the number of pierces on each nest.

  • Etching and labeling

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool, TruNest Composites

    Get automatic labeling support.

  • Automatic tool cycle optimization

    TruNest Multi-Tool

    Get the right tool head for the job.

  • Double-sided routing

    TruNest Multi-Tool

    Support for routing on 2 sides of the part.

  • Automatic common line cutting

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool, TruNest Composites

    Remove extra cutting between common line parts.

  • Optimized multitorch cutting logic

    TruNest Contour

    Reduce nest size based on number of cutting torches.