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Tools for user interface and game menu design

Scaleform® UI and game menu design middleware combines the power and performance of modern 3D graphics technology with the proven productivity and workflow of Adobe Flash and Adobe Creative Suite, resulting in faster creation of higher-quality UI environments.

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  • Support for multiple frame capture New

    Developers benefit from smoother playback of 2D animated UI elements with support for multiframe capture. This new system saves rendered snapshots and ensures they are displayed sequentially, even if the display is out of sync with available rendered frames from memory. The result is fluid playback of clips without dropping frames.

  • iOS Metal and 64-bit support New

    Scaleform 4.5 now supports 64-bit architecture and introduces support for iOS Metal. Developers using Scaleform in a game built with Metal will experience significant stability and performance improvements. Games or apps that use Scaleform 4.5 will have more stable CPU performance, lower memory usage, and faster application startup.

  • Improved ActionScript 3 virtual machine New

    The ActionScript 3 virtual machine has several key performance improvements in Scaleform 4.5:

    • More advanced algorithm for type propagation
    • More advanced algorithm for dead code elimination
    • Fast exception handling
    • Improved byte-code generation
  • ActionScript Compiler 2.0 support New

    Scaleform 4.5 supports ActionScript Compiler 2.0, enabling developers to run code compiled using Flash Builder 4.7 and the Adobe AIR SDK.

  • DirectX 12 support New

    Scaleform 4.5 now supports Microsoft DirectX 12.

  • Included with the Stingray game engine New

    Stingray includes Scaleform and Scaleform Studio, preintegrated. This makes it easier to gain access to the game menu and design power of Scaleform. Learn more about Stingray.

  • Streamlined workflow

    Scaleform game design tools enable developers to use Adobe Creative Suite to create Flash-based menus, UI elements, and 2D graphics for 3D games. Development is streamlined by empowering artists to create and rapidly iterate on 2D assets using the Adobe toolset with little programming support.

  • Custom tools and kits

    Access a library of prebuilt, highly optimized UI components that cover a range of uses: buttons, check boxes, dropdown menus, and text input boxes. A variety of fully functional UI kits demonstrate best practices for UI and game menu design.

  • Cross-platform development

    Scaleform supports major hardware platforms:

    • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (32- and 64-bit) 
    • Mac OS X (32- and 64-bit) 
    • Linux (32- and 64-bit) 
    • Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360 
    • Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 
    • PlayStation Vita system
    • Nintendo Wii U and Wii 
    • Apple iOS 
    • Android 
    • Windows Phone 8 
  • Multithreaded graphics rendering

    The multithreaded rendering engine is one of the fastest hardware-accelerated vector graphics engines available. Rendering performance gains of 3 to 5 times have been reported over previous versions, in addition to a significant reduction in draw primitives and CPU/GPU workload due to an advanced batching and sorting protocol.

  • Mobile functionality

    Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows RT and Phone 8 platform-powered devices. Scaleform game design tools enable mobile developers to use hardware-accelerated 2D graphics to create 2D and 3D applications, UIs, and games. Scaleform also includes sample content demonstrating touch and gesture UI interaction. Developers can use these files to improve their understanding and accelerate development of touch-screen functionality.

  • Easy integration

    Scaleform is fully integrated with major third-party game engines: Unreal Engine, Unity 3D Engine, CryENGINE, Havok Vision Engine, Project Anarchy, Marmalade, and more. For in-house engines, the Scaleform API is delivered as a set of C++ header files and libraries with comprehensive documentation and videos to assist with the integration.