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New PowerShape tools for 2018

Use PowerShape® modeling tools to shorten the time needed to prepare molds, dies, and other complex parts for manufacture. Explore the newest features and compare product releases.

What’s new in PowerShape 2018

PowerShape 2018 highlights include a new interface, enhanced wireframe sketching, and new tools to help repair triangle meshes for reverse engineering applications.

  • New

    Shared views (subscription only)

    Share your engineering data with key stakeholders, anywhere, anytime with cloud-connected devices. (video: 2:18 min.)

  • Ribbon interface

    PowerShape 2018 groups commands in a new ribbon interface, making it easier to find the modeling tools you need.
    (video: 1:26 min.)

  • Sketch with parameters

    Use parameters and mathematical expressions to construct 2D sketches and solid models. (video: 37 sec.)

  • Mesh Doctor

    Use the Mesh Doctor to quickly find and repair common faults found with imported STL meshes. (video: 47 sec.)

  • Extend primitives

    Extend the edges of multiple primitive surfaces and solids with a single command. (video: 34 sec.)

  • Mesh outline

    Create wireframe geometry representing the outline of STL meshes and use to create surfaces and solids. (video: 30 sec.)

  • Mesh selection tools

    PowerShape 2018 offers improved flood-fill tools to help select regions in a STL mesh. (video: 32 sec.)

  • Add Triangle

    Interactively sketch triangles to close complex holes found in STL meshes.
    (video: 31 sec.)

  • Enhanced | Data exchange

    Get real-time access to the most up-to-date native CAD file translators on the Autodesk cloud.

  • Solid from text

    Create multiple 3D solid extrusions using 2D text. Combine with TrueType fonts for added choice.

  • And more

    There’s more to learn about PowerShape 2018.

PowerShape 2017

  • Constraint sketching

    Add powerful constraints to 2D sketches for greater control of 3D modeling activities.

  • Rib capping

    Create smooth capping surfaces to cover the tops of ribs and slots that will be produced by EDM.

  • Segment mesh

    Automatically create prismatic surfaces over the top of imported STL meshes for improved reverse engineering.

  • Cage morphing

    Use a 3D control cage to distort the size and shape of surface, solid, and mesh models.

  • Accessibility shading

    Check the machinability of complex parts. Identify undercut features that require 3+2 or 5-axis machining.

  • Replace solid face

    Replace faces on multiple solid models with fewer mouse button clicks.

  • Spun profile

    Create revolved wireframe curves and use to assist mill-turn programming with PowerMill and FeatureCAM.

  • And more

    There’s more to learn about PowerShape 2017.