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Case studies

What PowerMill users are saying

See how manufacturers are using PowerMill high-speed, 5-axis machining software to make complex parts faster.

Paragon D&E: Delivering a manufacturing platform

See how this large mold and die shop invested in PowerMill to replace 5 different CAM systems, increasing operator skill levels, improving part quality, and reducing turnaround times by 50%.

"With PowerMill, we’re seeing jobs come in weeks ahead of schedule. Builds that would traditionally take 10 weeks, we’re doing in 4 to 5."
—Brian Kerkstra, Manufacturing Engineer

View video (3:22 min.)

Cavalier: Metal removal experts exploit 5-axis machining

Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing improves its machine spindle utilization and becomes more competitive in the mold, tool, and die industry.

"We’re metal removal experts. The guy who can do this the fastest and most accurate wins the race. PowerMill greatly reduces our machine time, and the quality of the blends is fantastic!"
—Brian Bendig, President

View video (1:53 min.)

Magna: Rapid manufacture of prototypes and tooling

Magna Advanced Technologies produces prototypes and tooling for the highly competitive automotive market. PowerMill and PowerShape enable the firm to design and manufacture complex parts faster while conserving capital expenditure.

"PowerMill allows me to machine my parts faster and better than any software I’ve ever used before."
—Paul Miranda, Project Leader

View video (1:53 min.)

Superior: 5-axis machinery increases productivity

Superior Tool & Mold’s investment in 5-axis machinery drives its DMG machines with fewer setups, resulting in better parts in less time.

"We recently purchased 5-axis machinery to help us to achieve more with our machining. PowerMill’s 5-axis strategies allow us to do everything in a single setup. It’s the bible in the industry now."
—Andrew Gruening, Programmer

View video (2:00 min.)

NeoVision: Toolpaths reduce rework time and costs

NeoVision Technology uses PowerMill to produce molds for sporting and automotive industries, improving quality, reducing rework time, and enabling the firm to compete with low-cost competitors.

"PowerMill allows us to manufacture our parts quickly, accurately and not go back for remanufacture."
—Phil Malenfant, President

View video (1:46 min.)

Trans-FX: Fabricating prototypes for the aerospace sector

The firm’s engineering team uses 5-axis toolpaths to meet the extreme demands of customers, including Boeing, NASA, and Lockheed Martin.

"We originally chose PowerMill as it could handle large, unorganized polygon files. Since then, it has evolved to do everything we need. 5-axis machining used to be difficult, it’s become second nature for us now."
—Allen Pike, President & CEO

View video (2:02 min.)