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Finite element analysis solver

Get more accurate results to complex simulations with Autodesk® Nastran® software. Simulate real-world behavior, such as transient response and static fatigue, with advanced mechanical, dynamics, and thermal analysis.

Dynamic response

  • Normal modes

    Resolve problems with noise and vibration.

  • Random vibration fatigue

    Test the durability of a part under repeated loading.

  • Pre-stress normal modes

    Simulate the preloaded structure.

Efficient analysis control

  • Simulation Mechanical, Autodesk Nastran In-CAD integration

    Use Autodesk Nastran as your FEA platform.

  • Autodesk Nastran editor

    Gain greater control over FEA models and results. (video: 1:31 min.)

  • Flexible usage

    Supports easier deployment.

    *Availability depends on region or country.

FEA solutions

  • Linear static

    Analyze and display stress, strain, and deformation.

  • Steady state heat transfer

    Measure temperature distribution and heat flow.

  • Assembly modeling with contact

    Model real-world assembly simulations.

  • Composites

    Handle complex ply data more easily.

  • Transient response

    Analyze structure responses through time.

  • Frequency response

    Determine the structural harmonic response.

  • Random response

    Analyze structural response to loading.

  • Transient heat transfer

    Determine temperature distribution over time.

  • Static fatigue

    Determine durability of structures.

  • Pre-stress static

    Model the effects of stress.

Nonlinear analysis

  • Linear and nonlinear analysis of buckling

    Determine the critical buckling load.

  • Nonlinear static and transient response

    Analyze structures that exhibit nonlinear behavior.

  • Nonlinear surface contact

    Simulate real contact between components.

  • Automated impact analysis, drop test

    See realistic impact and drop test simulations.

  • Advanced material models

    Simulate composites and hyper-elastic materials.