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Workflow and advanced retopology tools

A familiar layered workflow and advanced retopology tools provide a faster, more efficient working environment in Mudbox® software.

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    Accessible workflow

  • Advanced retopology tools

    Create clean, production-quality meshes from scanned, imported, or sculpted data.

  • Efficient layer grouping

    Organize Sculpt and Paint Layers into layer groups to quickly and easily identify them in complex scenes.

    • Toggle visibility into focus on a particular aspect of the work, or duplicate multiple layers at once.
    • Use Sculpt Layer groups to receive and store Blend Shape targets from Maya software.
    • Use Paint Layer groups to manually merge layers or flatten groups on export.
  • Interactive control and display

    Multitouch interaction and render-quality results in the viewport.

  • 3D layer capabilities

    Experiment with design concepts and make revisions easily.

  • In-product community

    Check out other artists' profiles for inspiration, learn tips and tricks for getting started in Mudbox with free* tutorials, and share your own projects, 3D assets, and textures in the Mudbox Community.