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    3D sculpt and paint

  • Better brush-based workflows New

    Improve brush-based workflows when working with low resolution, low bit-depth polygons and textures.

  • Sculpting Falloff options New

    For brushes, choose Volume or Surface Falloff options, in addition to the default Hybrid mode.

  • Relax Brush New

    Use Constrain to Surface in the new Relax Brush to even out spaces between vertices while only making minimal changes to the original shape of a mesh.  

  • Twist for Grab Brush New

    The Twist feature in the Grab tool helps you twist all vertices within the sculpting brush falloff radius clockwise or counterclockwise. Use it to create swirled objects like soft serve ice cream, rotate ears and eyes on a character’s head, or twist a character’s mouth to create a smile or frown.