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New infrastructure design software features

InfraWorks® 360 2016 civil infrastructure design software now offers point cloud enhancements, a screencast recorder, model storage enhancements, and data exchange capabilities for more precise modeling. 

Early-stage design

  • New

    Unit configuration

    Assign different units and precision settings.

  • New

    Component roads

    Build roads with curbs, lanes, and shoulders.

  • New

    Expanded roadside grading capabilities

    Slopes and materials for each side of the road.

  • New


    Calculate and apply superelevation to road designs.

  • New

    Smarter pavement drainage

    Recognizes and responds to the complex geometry.

  • New

    Model Legal Boundaries

    Draw and stylize rights-of-way, parcels, and easements in your model

  • New

    Component-Based Bridge Design

    Edit bridge decks and girders independently of other bridge components.

Cloud collaboration

  • New

    Model network storage

    Store models on shared network drive. (video: 52 sec.)


  • New


    Work in conceptual, engineering, or custom view.

  • New

    Screencast recorder

    Presentation technique for demonstrations, help and training. (video: 45 sec.)

  • New

    View project in context

    View projects in context of existing conditions.

Model creation

  • New

    Generate terrain from point clouds

    Build data into your model terrain.

  • New

    Generate features from point clouds

    Recognize features and convert them to components.

  • New

    Automated data import and model creation

    Build models from data-rich global content sources. (video: 1:00 min.)

  • New

    Point cloud enhancements

    Import and manage point clouds more easily.


  • New

    View terrain contours

    Display contour lines for Area of Interest features.

  • New

    Cross Section View of roads and intersections

    Inspect superelevation through critical stations.

  • New

    Section-based earthwork quantities

    View cut and fill volumes for component roads.

  • New

    Bridge line girder analysis

    Perform a detailed analysis in the cloud.

  • New

    Flood simulation

    Model flooding with Hydronia Riverflow 2D.

Data exchange

  • New

    Migrate roads and pipe networks to Civil 3D

    Import preliminary designs into Civil 3D. (video: 26 sec.)

  • New

    Import detailed Civil 3D objects into InfraWorks 360

    Import Civil 3D complex horizontal and vertical geometry. (video: 45 sec.)