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New composite analysis features

Helius PFA software enables you to make better design decisions earlier in the product development process, and helps to reduce testing and redesign work. New features introduce technology based on better integration and collaboration with Moldflow software, providing more accurate data on analyzed materials.

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    Advanced Material Exchange

  • Structural assemblies New

    Achieve more accurate non-linear simulation. Helius PFA maps manufacturing data from Moldflow injection molding software to structural FEA meshes for multiple parts in a structural assembly.

    Multiple Modlflow studies can be leveraged to provide manufacturing data for large structural assemblies of plastic components. Helius PFA lets you:

    • Identify each part individually.
    • Map data to parts for inclusion in structural simulations.
    • Edit mapped part pairs.
    • Switch visualization between parts.

    Advanced composite analysis

  • 3D weld line strength prediction New

    By using 3D visualization in Helius PFA software, you can help predict the strength reduction of weld lines. Helius PFA also lets you 3D weld locations from Moldflow software to structural finite element analysis.

  • Compression material response New

    Unfilled and fiber-reinforced plastics have significantly different responses in compression when compared to tension. Capturing the compressive response of components interacting with one another results in simulations that are more true to real states.

    Helius PFA allows the inclusion and differentiation of compressive material states, so your structural simulations have greater fidelity.