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Incorporating material data into simulation analysis

Advanced Material Exchange capabilities in Helius PFA enable you to use Moldflow material information in your analyses. Exploring the effects of manufacturing in this way can provide greater accuracy in simulation analysis of parts.

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    Advanced Material Exchange

  • Structural assemblies New

    Achieve more accurate non-linear simulation. Helius PFA maps manufacturing data from Moldflow injection molding software to structural FEA meshes for multiple parts in a structural assembly.

    Multiple Modlflow studies can be leveraged to provide manufacturing data for large structural assemblies of plastic components. Helius PFA lets you:

    • Identify each part individually.
    • Map data to parts for inclusion in structural simulations.
    • Edit mapped part pairs.
    • Switch visualization between parts.
  • As-manufactured simulation using Moldflow

    Improve the simulation accuracy of injection molded parts by importing material data and fiber orientations through the Advanced Material Exchange. Transfer as-manufactured simulation data from Moldflow plastic injection molding simulation software to your structural model. Then, use this data to predict material nonlinearity due to plastic deformation and matrix cracking, and conduct a more accurate structural simulation early in the design cycle.

  • Residual strains

    Use the Advanced Material Exchange to incorporate the effects of manufacturing into your structural simulation. Transfer residual strains from Autodesk Moldflow to include possible warpage from the injection molding process.

  • Support for Moldflow materials

    Use Advanced Material Exchange with multiple Moldflow materials, including fiber-filled plastics and non-filled plastics. Incorporate the material properties from the Moldflow database and the results of the manufacturing process into your structural simulation by transferring Moldflow results to your structural FEA code.