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Autodesk Fusion partners with industry leaders across the design and manufacturing space to develop deeper technology integrations through collaboration. Streamline your workflows to get running faster, increase manufacturing throughput, and maximize profit potential.

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Hardware partners

Connect a broad array of machine tool, additive machinery, tooling, probing & work-holding partners.


Software partners

Integrate leading design and manufacturing software into Autodesk Fusion.


Channel and services

Find local Autodesk Fusion channel sales and services partners.

Unlock advanced PCB design tools

Autodesk Fusion Signal Integrity Extension


Learn how to improve the reliability of smart products, while minimizing PCB testing and prototyping costs with the Autodesk Fusion Signal Integrity Extension, powered by Ansys.


Autodesk Fusion design & manufacturing partner highlights


Sandvik Coromant tool library

Seamlessly access the Sandvik Coromant online tool library from within Autodesk Fusion with the Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus Tool Library Add-in for Autodesk Fusion.


Haas Automation

Haas Automation and Autodesk have partnered to streamline your workflow from CAD/CAM to CNC machining through various in-product integrations, add-ins, and vetted machine and tooling data.


HP 3D printer app

The HP 3D printer app for Autodesk Fusion allows you to print your designs on the HP printers in your shop with ease.


Makersite add-on

The Makersite Autodesk Fusion add-in converts your CAD model into a Bill of Materials (BOM) and calculates climate change impacts and cost estimates.  

Mazak iConnect

Mazak iConnect

The Mazak iConnect add-in allows you to export the NC program, part/fixture/stock geometry, and tool/holder geometry in a special format from Autodesk Fusion.

Xometry instant quote app

Xometry instant quote app

The Xometry add-in imports and analyzes the geometry of your CAD design. It then allows you to choose the material, process, and quantity. 

"Eco-design is only feasible when designers have data about the sustainability of their product and its compliance, costing, environmental, health, and safety criteria. By integrating our data, AI, and calculation engines into Autodesk Fusion, product designers are provided with clear and actionable insights so they can decide how to make their designs."

– Neil D'Souza, Founder & CEO, Makersite

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I join the Autodesk Fusion Partner Network?

Autodesk welcomes innovators & leaders to partner with us. If you are interested in our Channel & Services partner programs, click here to see how we onboard new Service Providers and Value Added Resellers. To integrate your software solutions with Autodesk Fusion, sign up to the Autodesk Developer Network. For Machine Tool, Additive Machinery, Tooling, Probing & Work-Holding companies, please email our team at

Where can I find a full list of Autodesk Fusion machine integrations?

Autodesk’s ever-evolving ecosystem of hardware partners delivers machine integrations and enables deeper integrations through partner add-ins in Autodesk Fusion.

How do I integrate the tools in my technology stack that are in-house or not currently Autodesk Parnters?

First and foremost, encourage your favorite technology vendors to join Autodesk partner programs to spur our businesses to work directly together to provide the best integration for you. If you would like to build your own bespoke integration, work with our Autodesk Platform Services certified partners.