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User Parameters & Patterns in Fusion 360

Here’s a great tip on how to accelerate your designs with user parameters and patterns in Fusion 360. Don’t know how many holes you want around the perimeter of your form? Does it depend on the depth of each hole? Patterns and user parameters will soon be your new best friends.


In this video we’ll start off by covering the basics of implementing user parameters in your designs. User parameters allow you to tie various features together and create a  “smarter” design. Let’s say you always want a hole in your cylinder that is 25% of the outer diameter and extends 50% into the depth – user parameters allow you to define these rules. Once the rules are in place, all you have to do is change your cylinder’s features, and everything else will update!


Next, we’ll jump into patterns – specifically circular patterns in Fusion 360. With our fully parametric and user-defined features, why not array these around the perimeter of our cylinder? Now we can control 12 holes instead of just one! And for the cherry on top, we can drive the number of instances around our perimeter to be controlled by a user parameter – because why not?



I hope you enjoy this short video, and thanks for watching!


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