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Update on software update: It’s coming (and 5 new features to look forward to)

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During yesterday’s hangout session, we told some of you that we would have an update out today.  Unfortunately after endless hours of testing with our global team we’ve found some critical issues that we still need to iron out before we release the update out to all of you. As excited as we are to get this update into your hands we feel it is more important that you have a positive experience using Fusion 360. Don’t fret; this delay shouldn’t take too long.

With that said, this upcoming update is a big one. Apart from tons of bug fixes and performance and UI enhancements, we reviewed your idea submissions in the IdeaStation and have implemented many of the top voted ideas in this update, as well as a bunch of other new features.

Top 5 features coming in the next update:

  • Offline mode
  • STL/SVG import
  • Rapid Ray tracing rendering
  • Object Snap command
  • Pull command

Here’s a quick video preview of these top 5 features in action.

Longer how-to videos will follow shortly after the update has been released; a full list of new features and updates will be posted as well for you reference. 

Cheers and keep on Designing Differently,
Keqing & the Fusion 360 team


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