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Tip Tuesday – Fusion 360 Back to Basics

Sometimes we need to take a step back, to take a two steps forward.  Refreshing ourselves on basic commands in Fusion 360 never hurts, and can always add more to our ‘box of tools’.  We take a deeper look at using different capabilites underneath the Sculpt Command, visiting functionality such as ‘Face’ Creation, Merge Edges, Bridging, and the traditional ‘Extrude’ Command.  Enjoy!



Below are highlights of the commands featured in the video:


The Face command adds new faces to a T-spline, which is similar to using Edit Form to extrude an edge. It is also possible to use Face to create a face unconnected to any surface.


To create a face, select a point on the edge of the T-Spline where you would like to start. Click points in space to mark the boundaries of the face to be appended, and then finish by snapping to a vertex on the same edge as the original point on the model. 




Merge Edge – Allows users to take edges on a T-Spline and connect them together.


Merge Edge.png


Extrude Command – Takes a Surface/T-Spline Body and adds a thickeness.




The Bridge Command allows you to connect two T-spline bodies (or two parts of the same T-spline body) by adding intermediate faces.




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