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  • USB

    USB: The One Port Revolution

    Do you miss your old PS/2 port? We don’t. Here’s a complete history of USB and all we have to be grateful for. Bring on the one port revolution!

  • ecad-macd

    How ECAD and MCAD Work Together

    To fully realize your design, it’s essential to utilize systems that will help optimize your design, save time, and increase overall productivity. Good software helps teams work smarter and design top-notch products. With the help of MCAD and ECAD, creating a successful design is easier than ever before.

  • How Do Power Supplies Work?

    Learn about the basics of power supplies that power electronic devices with transformers, rectifiers, filters, and regulators.

  • How Do Lasers Work? (2024 Update)

    Learn how lasers work to power our modern age of electronics and communications, including how they were invented, applications, and more.

  • How To Use Kirchhoff’s Law for Complex Circuits

    Learn how to analyze a complex electrical circuit to find voltages of currents with Kirchhoff’s Current Law and Voltage Law.

  • What Are Decoupling Capacitors? (2024 Update)

    Learn about what decoupling capacitors (bypass capacitors) are and how they help to smooth out the voltage in a power supply.

  • The Complete History of Failed ECAD-MCAD Exchange File Formats

    Still dumbing down your data to pass it down the line to the next guy? We all are. Learn about the complete history of failed ECAD-MCAD file formats, and what the future might hold.

  • What’s the Difference Between Series Circuits vs Parallel Circuits?

    Learn about the difference between series circuits vs parallel circuits — the two circuits you’ll find in every electronics design.