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Aaron.Magnin February 21, 2017 1 min read

I’d venture to guess that all of you know that design is just small part of producing real products. I’d also guess that most of you don’t have a CNC in your garage…except for Curt of course. More likely, you’ll find a bandsaw, jigsaw, or even a hand saw. These, when teamed with Slicer for Fusion 360, will allow you to make incredible and complex designs. Built upon the 123D Make technology, this tool enables you to produce 3D products by slicing the models in a plethora of ways.


Step 1 is to get this tool to work seamlessly with Fusion 360. First, you’ll need to get and install it from the App Store. Once that’s done, you can then add it as a “custom” selection from within the 3D print command. From there, to take your models from Fusion to Slicer, all you’ll need to do is hit the 3D Print button…




With Slicer for Fusion 360, you can explore different construction techniques to capture design intent, limit material use, or explore stock selection and finish. Built in are DYNAMIC checks to ensure that parts are connected and that interferences are avoided as demonstrated by the red pieces in the gif below:


interference issues


When you select that winning design, you can create DXF’s to use as true scale stencils for manual operations, or you can take them to Fusion 360 to create toolpaths for your laser or waterjet.


Putting the parts together in the end is made simple due to automatic part labelling, but nothing makes it easier than the animations Slicer produces. The insane thing is that these are also done automatically.




Amazing stuff! Anyway, don’t take it from me, make sure to get this from the Fusion App store today. Before I forget, make sure to watch the related QUICK TIP to see this tool in action!






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