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QUICK TIP: Live Review

Have you ever received an email with the Subject Line – “Change the diameter of that hole”, and wonder which hole they are talking about? During the design process, several decisions need to be made that can change the outcome of the design. Often times, these decisions are made between several different people, usually between multiple email threads, screen shares, and face to face meetings. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all collaborate simultaneously on a design? You should check out Fusion 360’s Live Review.



Instead of using expensive screen sharing applications, Fusion 360’s Live Review can be used to collaborate between design teams in a web browser. Simply start a Live Review session and send a link to your colleagues. Once they click on the link they will be able to view your Fusion 360 screen in any web browser, whether that be on your MAC, PC, tablet, or phone. As you make design changes, they will see in real-time the changes being made. They can each rotate independently and then the presenter can take control and make sure everyone is looking at the same view / component /feature / object in question.


Make sure to turn on Live Review, which is now a tech preview. Follow these steps to initiate a Live Review session:


1) Click on your name in the Top Right of Fusion 360>Select Preferences



2) Select Preview in the left pane of the preferences window>Enable Live Review



3) Now the Live Review is enabled go to File > Live Review Session



Yes, this post is a little bit longer than your usual “Quick Tip”, but trust me, it is well worth the extra time. You only have to set up your preferences one time and then you are all set. Give this a shot next time you need to review one of your designs.


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