PIX Moving Reimagines Autonomous Mobility with Generative Design in Fusion 360

Heather Miller January 5, 2022 1 min read

PIX Moving uses generative design in Fusion 360, robotics, and 3D printing to create a decentralized way of automotive manufacturing. 

Courtesy of PIX Moving.

Imagine not having to travel to grab a meal, go to the office, hit the gym, or even trek to the karaoke bar. Instead, what if each location could come directly to you?

That’s the autonomous mobility vision for PIX Moving. Customizable, modular spaces to host a range of bespoke services are attached to a variety of three- and four-wheeled chassis. And they’re using generative design in Fusion 360 to make it happen. 

Utilizing generative design in Fusion 360 

AI-powered generative design helps optimize the chassis design to suit each customer’s application and different shape or physical requirements.

“PIX wants to offer mass customized PIXBOTs, where many customers can have a bespoke design of their own,” says Rob Bowerman, Lead Technical Consultant at Autodesk and one of the principal chassis advisers to PIX Moving. “Our algorithms can produce several different geometry outputs, giving the customer the flexibility to select the more organic, wilder structures, which are often the most optimized, or the more conventional design.” 

Disrupting the automotive industry 

Combining generative design with metal 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies, PIX can produce a nearly unlimited variety of customized platforms and vehicles within a much shorter lead time.  

Through PIX’s proprietary 3CM system or “Cognitive · Configurable · Collaborative Manufacturing,” the company also takes a completely disruptive approach to make customized vehicles with fewer parts.  

“With an AI-driven design approach and metal 3D printing, we are creating a decentralized, distributed, and user-participated way of manufacturing,” says Angelo Yu, CEO, PIX Moving. “By adopting modular and parametric design with the contribution of industrial robots, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence, we can make 90% fewer car parts a possibility.” 

Learn more about PIX Moving’s journey here. Try Fusion 360 and generative design for free today.

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