New Subscription & Trial Options for Fusion 360 Extensions

Marti Deans
Marti Deans September 18, 2020 2 min read

Note: This blog post focuses on Fusion 360’s manufacturing extension, but trial and credit card purchase options have also been added for all Fusion 360 extensions.

We launched extensions to help make high-end functionality easy to access at a significantly lower cost than traditional specialty software. Not to mention you can subscribe and activate them directly within Fusion 360—no need for an additional download, install, or serial number.

Now, we’re making extensions even more flexible with new subscription and trial options. If you’re not ready to subscribe but you want to try out the tools in the extension, you’re in luck! The 7-day Trial option lets you try out the functionality before you buy. You can see how it will impact your process, like adding in-process inspection workflows or new machining strategies. This way you can decide if and when it will make the most business sense for you to subscribe. The 7-day trial option will reset each year, so if you start a trial now, the option will disappear until a year has passed.

Access these options by clicking the wrench in the upper left corner of Fusion 360.

Once you’ve had a chance to put it the manufacturing extension (or another extension of your choice) to the test, we also added a new subscription option. Subscribe for one day for just 25 cloud credits to get access to the tools you need with an even lower barrier to entry. Remember that once your subscription ends, you’ll still be able to access and post-process anything you created with extension functionality. You just won’t be able to regenerate it if something’s changed.

There is still a monthly subscription that gives you access to everything within the extension for 30 days for 200 Cloud Credits. Cloud Credits are the currency used for consumption services across Autodesk where 1 Cloud Credit is 1 US dollar. Check out this link for more information on cloud credits.

If cloud credits aren’t your thing, you can now pay with a credit card. This will take you directly to a cart with a 1-year subscription to the extension, which costs $1,500. That might seem like a lot, but it’s a $900 savings compared to a full year of the monthly subscription. And you never have to worry about running out of cloud credits, which might be just what you’re looking for.

Hopefully, between the three subscription options, there is something for everyone.

Note that you need a full subscription to Fusion 360 to access any extensions. Get more information about Fusion 360’s Machining Extension here.


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