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New Hardware Partner with Fusion 360

I want to deliver a quick update on a recent post done about the 3-in-1 desktop manufacturing machine, BoXZY, and am happy to announce that they have become one of the first hardware companies to partner with Fusion 360.  To help everyone actualize BoXZY’s profound capability, we are now giving each backer of the project on Kickstarter a free 1 year package of Fusion 360 Ultimate!  BoXZY now runs files directly from Fusion 360 and allows all of BoXZY’s users to collaborate on their designs in the cloud.

With 8 days to go, this popular machine has over $625,000 dollars in crowd funding on Kickstarter (plus a little more since I just ordered a T-shirt!). The revolutionary traits of this machine are not just that it can mill, laser engrave, and 3D print—and it can do all those things—it’s that it integrates these abilities into one incredibly durable, precise, and powerful desktop CNC. Its true modular manufacturing built for everyone.  When I saw the two brothers developing BoXZY at the Pittsburgh TechShop, I knew this could be a great partnership.


“We build BoXZY using industrial ball screws, solid aluminum components, and an all metal frame, so that users can build actual factories in their homes and grow those factories,” says the red bearded Johnson brother, Joel.  He goes on to say, “We designed and built in the capacities that we observed people used most in their prototyping and making.  We’re giving people their tools back.”



Justin is the main engineer on the project. If you can pull his attention away from optimizing BoXZY, he will walk you through a plethora of solutions and future directions that he is innovating. He is a perfect complement to his brother Joel who has a wide social vision for BoXZY and the future offerings of their company Kinetigear LLC.


For the Johnson brothers, like Autodesk, pioneering new capacities for customers and making those available to the broadest possible audience is just good business sense. If you want, help these brothers bring more tools to more people by supporting their Kickstarter campaign and receive a free year of Fusion 360 Ultimate.


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